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CrossFit Games 2017 Highlights

CrossFit CrossFit games Mat Fraser

Mat Fraser produced another amazing performance, this time at the new home of the CrossFit Games, finishing an astonishing 216 points ahead of 2nd place Brent Fikowski, retaining the title of Fittest Man on Earth.  On the other hand, it came down to the final lunge of the final event for the women which saw Tia-Clair Toomey better last year's final standing to claim the top spot and be crowned the fittest woman on earth for 2017.  Another great show - check out the highlights below   

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Introducing WODSOX

CrossFit Girls Heroes WOD WODSOX

We're happy to announce that WODequipped is now working with WODSOX to provide the the perfect socks for you next WOD. WODequipped now stocks products from WODSOX that categorise socks in to 'GIRLS' and 'HEROES'.  These socks are amazingly comfortable and the unique design of each pair stand out and look great.  See our full range at

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5 Deadlift variations for maximum strength gains - WODequipped

CrossFit Deadlift Olympic Weightlifting Training WOD

The Deadlift is an absolutely fantastic exercise to help build strength, better your posture, improve your body composition as well as just looking like a mean exercise. The deadlift is so simple; you just lift a heavy weight from the floor and put it back down again. But it is so effective. This move can be used in a few different ways to target slightly different muscles and produce a slightly different stimulus to grow muscle and build strength. Here are 5 different variations you could try: 1. Double Kettlebell deadlift 2. Barbell deadlift     3. Sumo deadlift 4. Romanian...

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Mat Fraser - Making a Champion

CrossFit CrossFit Games Mat Fraser Olympic Weightlifting

Catch up on the last few instalments of NF Sports documentary series following CrossFit Games Champion Mat Fraser Below you'll find Part 7, 8 & 9    

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Why the pec tears at the regionals?

CrossFit Games CrossFit regionals Pec tears WODdoc

Check out this video from WodDoc​ about some of the potential causes of the increasing number of pec tears we're seeing at this years CrossFit Games​ Regionals   

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