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Team EUROPE win the CrossFit Invitational 2016

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For the last few years, the best CrossFit athletes from around the world have come together to compete for their section of the globe in an all-star team event. This year saw one of the tightest and most competitive events in CrossFit invitational history. The top athletes in the sport of fitness gathered at the Tribute Communities centre in Oshawa, Canada and put on a great show for CrossFit fans worldwide.  Here is a run down of what happened at the 2016 CrossFit Invitational: Event 1: Deadlifts and Bar Facing Burpees Event 1 Results1. Pacific - 5:08.12  (6 points)2. Europe...

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[CrossFit Invitational 2016] Teams & Where to watch

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On November 20th, the CrossFit Invitational 2016 will take place in Ontario, Canada. This event features the fittest athletes from around the world, representing their home sections of the globe, competing for their nations.  This is an all-star event, and here are the original teams: However, due to an injury to the 2016 Fittest man on earth, Rich Froning comes in to replace Mat Fraser on team USA. Froning, already the coach for Team USA, now has a dual role of coach and athlete.  Each team possesses extremely strong and capable athletes, each with the potential to earn victory at...

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