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Injury & Mobility by Jamie & the Jam

CrossFit Injury Jamie & the Jam Mobility Movement Rehabilitation WODequipped

Everyone knows that in order to make progress in your health and fitness, consistency is king. However, what happens when you fall victim to one of those niggles, or even worse, a more serious injury? Your training is forced to stop and you begin the road of recovery, often returning to training a little behind the level you previously were. Jamie & the Jam take us through the importance of keeping yourself well tuned, and how essential good movement patterns are to avoiding unwanted injury. Jamie & the Jam is a great youtube channel which is in the process of...

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Avoid shoulder injury with these exercises

CrossFit Injury Mobility Shoulder WOD

One of the most common areas of the body prone to injury are the shoulders. If you want to prolong your CrossFitting days, then keeping your shoulders healthy should be high on your list of priorities.  But how exactly do you ensure that your shoulders stay injury free? Well the short answer can't. But what you can do is minimise the risk of developing an injury in the most injury prone area of the body.  The shoulder is a relatively unstable joint, meaning it is more likely to damage or develop issues. To achieve stability at the shoulder joint, it...

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