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Behind the scenes at Battle of the Beasts 2016

Battle of the Beasts CrossFit Team Richey wod WODequipped

Battle of the Beasts is one of the biggest CrossFit competitions in the UK, and thanks to Craig Richey, we get to see what it's like to be out on the floor.  Huge thanks to Team Richey - if you haven't seen his youtube channel, check it out NOW!   Click here ---> Team Richey Youtube channel  

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Learn how to do butterfly pull ups with Team Richey

Butterfly pullups CrossFit Team Richey

Check out this awesome video from Craig Richey with advice on how to improve your butterfly pull ups      As always, very helpful! Video Credit: Team Richey Youtube channel -  

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Action from the Rainhill Trials

CrossFit Team Richey The Rainhill trials Train Manchester

 The Rainhill trials is a no qualifier event designed to open competition to anyone regardless of your experience.  Check out how it all went down in October 2016. Video credit: Team Richey -  

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