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[CrossFit Invitational 2016] Teams & Where to watch

CrossFit CrossFit Games CrossFit Invitational WODequipped

On November 20th, the CrossFit Invitational 2016 will take place in Ontario, Canada. This event features the fittest athletes from around the world, representing their home sections of the globe, competing for their nations.  This is an all-star event, and here are the original teams: However, due to an injury to the 2016 Fittest man on earth, Rich Froning comes in to replace Mat Fraser on team USA. Froning, already the coach for Team USA, now has a dual role of coach and athlete.  Each team possesses extremely strong and capable athletes, each with the potential to earn victory at...

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Injury & Mobility by Jamie & the Jam

CrossFit Injury Jamie & the Jam Mobility Movement Rehabilitation WODequipped

Everyone knows that in order to make progress in your health and fitness, consistency is king. However, what happens when you fall victim to one of those niggles, or even worse, a more serious injury? Your training is forced to stop and you begin the road of recovery, often returning to training a little behind the level you previously were. Jamie & the Jam take us through the importance of keeping yourself well tuned, and how essential good movement patterns are to avoiding unwanted injury. Jamie & the Jam is a great youtube channel which is in the process of...

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Behind the scenes at Battle of the Beasts 2016

Battle of the Beasts CrossFit Team Richey wod WODequipped

Battle of the Beasts is one of the biggest CrossFit competitions in the UK, and thanks to Craig Richey, we get to see what it's like to be out on the floor.  Huge thanks to Team Richey - if you haven't seen his youtube channel, check it out NOW!   Click here ---> Team Richey Youtube channel  

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