4 Tips for new CrossFitters

4 Tips for new CrossFitters

So you've finally found your local CrossFit box. You've taken the time to attend the introductory sessions, learn new movements and join the community. What next? Here are a few tips to help new CrossFitters make the most of their new fitness journey. 

1) Technique! 

When you enter a CrossFit box, you will no doubt see extremely fit athletes throwing very heavy weights around. You will also see brand new CrossFitters taking their time to nail down solid technique. Unfortunately, you will also see those in between; people who have not listened to their coaches, or listened to their bodies and simply put themselves in danger of injury. Take your time. Learn the movements, learn when to speed up and when to slow down. This comes with experience but listen to the coaches, and know that your fitness journey is your own, and shouldn't be influenced by anyone else's. 

2) Recover

Joining a CrossFit box is like having a new car - you just want to keep driving it every day. You need to ensure adequate recovery throughout your week to maximise results. Good recovery not only includes rest, but also requires that you clean up your eating habits and refuel your body ready for your next WOD. If you feel like you have to do something each day and you can't rest, then use your rest days to improve your mobility and range of motion. 

3) Track your numbers

It's important to know where you came from so you can see how far you've come. Improving your health and fitness is a process and it is so satisfying to see your own progress. It always helps to track the weights lifted, number of reps, times or rounds completed during WOD's. This way you can really see what improvements you have made. It also highlights any weaknesses that you still need to improve upon in order to become that all round athlete so many CrossFitters strive to be. 

4) Have fun!

It will get tough. Embrace it! Get involved with the community, meet new friends all with common goals. Push each other along and enjoy it! There is really nothing left to say except go and have some fun!

No one can do every movement perfectly at the beginning; Everyone could do with a little work on their recovery strategies such as nutrition outside of the box; No matter how frustrating you may find a particular movement, or how dedicated you need to be to eat clean and healthy, just try to have fun and embrace every minute!


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