Personalised apparel

Are you part of a team? Own your own box? Compete at competitions? Or just want to personalise your own WOD gear? 

Now you can add your own personal touch to a range of WODequipped apparel to make sure you stand our from the crowd.

At WODequipped, we do all the design and print in house so we are able to offer this unique service to you. 

Personalised apparel Essential GOLD Personalised apparel WODequipped Burpees

Personalised apparel WODequipped Be More BriggsPersonalised apparel WODequipped Be More Briggs

Personalised apparel WODequipped

Personalise your own functional fitness apparel in these easy steps:

1. Scroll through the website and pick out an item you want to personalise.

2. Copy & paste the name of the item into an email.

3. Forward any design or text you want to be printed into the email.

4. Specify the colour of the garment, and the colour of the print.

5. Send the email to

6. A member of the team will get back to you with a quote.